A. Celli Paper S.p.A.

Software implementation, commissioning and star-up of winders, slitter-rewinders, production lines for paper industry.


A. Celli Nonwovens S.p.A.

Software implementation, commissioning and star-up of winders and slitter-rewinders for nonwovens industry.


Ricciarelli Packaging S.p.A.

Software development, commissioning and start-up of packaging and weighing equipments in the food industry.

Dicie Filling Division S.r.l.

Implementation, commissioning and star-up of automatic systems for bottle or bag-in-box filling process, distribution of wine or similar substances.

Focus S.r.l.

Marble blocks cutting systems and marble slabs polishing systems retrofit: from a manual system to a complete automatic one.

Elettromeccanica Piccinini Oreste S.n.c.

Retrofit di taglia blocchi e lucidatrici per marmo.

Demont S.r.l.

Prototypal system (mock-up) implementation for air-conditioning and distribution control on a cruise boat.

GE Power Controls Italia S.p.A.

Customizable reporting system implementation for an extraction and fluid pumping plant. The system is also interfaced to high profile IT systems such as Oracle or Microsoft database, or AS-400 environment.

Unitech S.r.l.

Software implementation, commissioning and start-up of an automatic reel handling and wrapping system.


Software implementation of a SCADA platform for a paper production plant.

T&T S.r.l. e Promel S.r.l.

Software implementation and commissioning of a supervision and control system for a gas cogeneration plant.

ADEV S.r.l.

Software development of a temperature control system with the usage of cooling gases.

"La Fustella" Box Factory

Anthropomorphous palletizing robot start-up.

"Sandra" Box Factory

Retrofit and optimization of a cardboard stack handling and wrapping line.

Reserved Customer

Automatic control system implementation for a plastic filament extruder + wire winding equipment.

Reserved Customer

Automatic control system implementation for a flour, semolina and water mixer.

Reserved Customer

Dynamic control implementation by the usage of brushless servomotors, of a leather sewing system for the sits of a car luxury brand.

La "Diligenza" S.r.l.

Automatic control system implementation for light-video-image management on the stage of a famous Italian rock singer show.

Elettromar S.r.l.

Start-up of a portion of a steel plant for the slabs' heating.

Airnova S.r.l.

Implementation of the control and interface software to manage the air quality for 33 surgery rooms in a Hospital.